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Diamond Counseling Center's


At Diamond Counseling Center, we aren't just an agency that aids with recovery, we're a family. A family consisting of it's loving staff and amazing clients. This is why we try to incorporate more to our groups.


We have group birthday parties and client themed group parties.

 These events are catered and allows group to be in a relaxed environment over good food, allowing clients to connect to one another, as is done with traditional family type settings over dinner, in this case, lunch. These moments are to recognize the recovery effort of clients, the struggles they are going through, and allow them to have a loving sober fun filled environment.


Weekly, our clients each get a chance to choose the following week's clothing theme, challenging the staff and clients' alike, in finding an article of clothing or an outfit that matches that theme or color.


Birthday Parties

Recovery can often times come with feelings of shame or self-imposed loneliness, making us not want to remember our birthdays or just bypass them. At Diamond Counseling Center, we bring back the joy with a monthly catered birthday group. These are group sessions that have a bit of fun, a catered birthday, clients can bring in treats as well, and together, we celebrate the birthdays of that month. Of course whilst we celebrate, we also incorporate group didactics and explore various recovery topics.

Monthly Client Theme Chosen Parties

Each month, client's choose a party theme. We have had a sober Fourth of July party, a cultural appreciation day, and more. Together the group collaborates on a theme for a catered group they would like to have.

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