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About Diamond Counseling Center

Come for treatment, Stay for the community.

Welcome to Diamond Counseling Center, where your recovery is our priority.

We are a team of professionals that not only care about helping you through your recovery treatment, but, are here to be that community and support that offer you love, care and compassion, like you deserve.

Therapy Closeup

Our Story

Diamond Counseling Center was born 10+years ago when we saw a need in our community for a program to help those struggling with substance abuse. Our program is geared towards people who are struggling with addiction and wish to turn their life around emotionally, spiritually, and physically.


We credit our incredible success rate of over 80%, to our devoted team members and clinicians. Our team showers each and every one of our clients with the love and care that they need. As we always say, “we cry together, we laugh together, and we grow together.” Most importantly we build life-long relationships with our clients. We take the time to stay in touch even when they complete our program so we can watch them thrive in the new chapter of their lives.

We strongly believe that the path to healing is through love. Which is why our new clients often ask how long our program will take, but upon leaving, ask if there is a possibility for them to stay in our warm, loving community.

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